Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Our first Christmas as a 3 person family. We went to Orlando and got to see the Casablanca's new house, can you say 'spare bedroom'? so nice!

 The anticipation...

 Opening the first presents


 Nerf guns!

 My grandparents got Zada a spoon and cup with her name on them, so pretty

 My mom used my favorite fabric from the quilt she made for Z to make pillowcases! We use them all the time now.

 Look at all the presents!

 Mom gets us a pewter doggy ornament/sculpture from her artist friend every year, I love them!

 Watch out Jocy! lol

 Can you tell Joe was tired?

 Bey blade madness! so cool

 This is what is heard every minute when you have Beyblades, "1,2,3..let er rip!"

 Our present from Jocelyn and Hector, Jocelyn handmade the most beautiful  blessing dress!

 Cocooned in her carseat : )

 Zada's Christmas outfit

 Uncle Hector playing piano for her

 Nerf sniper rifle

What a merry Christmas!

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